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Paladins Qualifiers 2016 | Finals North America (Kungarna vs Warpath)

2016-04-30 09:11:07

Let's do this today is the day the Paladins Qualifiers is starting  good luck to every body

2016-04-30 09:40:31

are there future plans for Paladins to come to consoles?

2016-04-30 10:16:29

We're playing Exordium in round 2 of the DreamHack qualifiers. This set wont be on the

2016-04-30 17:07:09

was wondering the same thing will Paladins reach out to consoles?

2016-05-01 09:03:47

al 3rd thaa

2016-05-01 11:48:19

wait what are u playing paladins?

2016-05-01 11:50:14

Yea, qualifiers start today. They're hosting a $100,000 tournament

2016-05-01 11:57:29

lol and I never use my closed beta access Lmao

2016-05-01 11:58:55

koko you wanna team up with Jeck, Kidney ulti and I?

2016-05-01 12:01:15

yes i can try :P

2016-05-01 12:09:58

how available are you, especially on sundays start at 11 am edt?

2016-05-01 12:17:51

wintahhh you guys win?

2016-05-01 12:21:54

we won our first match 2-0. Waiting for this game being casted to end so we can play

2016-05-01 12:38:17


2016-05-01 14:16:49

we had it eu as well

2016-05-01 14:27:31

gotta say, these pauses are pretty brutal

2016-05-01 14:52:00

blazen's play though....

2016-05-01 14:59:25

the madness!!

2016-05-01 16:45:13

The most exciting thing! #WPGHYPE

2016-05-01 16:51:39

paladins sucks

2016-05-01 16:53:50


2016-05-02 15:59:10

Is Paladins available on PS4? I can only seem to find references to it on PC?

2016-05-07 11:23:38

wow I remember when nobody liked your tweets. You have grown.

2016-05-28 09:23:02

gl ^_^

2016-05-28 10:13:42

In #simsiloo we trust

2016-05-29 10:37:44


2016-06-09 14:02:46

the new Champ's design is the bomb.

2016-06-26 22:17:55

I was asked if I had wanted to be a part of this but I never got a follow up :( I am really bummed out man

2016-06-26 22:18:23

It'll be opening up to more people as time goes on, stay tuned :)

2016-06-26 22:19:47

But I wanted to be one of the first :<

2016-06-26 22:20:33

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ outta my hands sorry

2016-06-26 22:21:48

Ya I'm gonna be streaming starting tomorrow evening if not tuesday on the regular. Lemme know If i can join this.

2016-06-26 22:22:45

Unfortunately I can't personally help ya as I'm not the one who's handling this. Man Who Can is :)

2016-06-27 03:04:14

We better get some "As Seen on Paladins TV".

2016-06-27 07:41:11

Where is ?!

2016-06-27 10:38:27

I would rather see Bug community Streamers... Bugzy, d0nny, Pete and so on. You are taking their viewers.

2016-06-27 11:49:02

can't wait

2016-06-27 11:51:30

may not be able to watch b ut i hope u guys have fun! :D watch him now :P

2016-06-27 11:52:25


2016-06-27 16:23:55

I'm at work, but tuned in :) Have fun

2016-06-27 17:51:03

Are you going to stream/host paladins as well?

2016-06-27 18:12:20

I always liked non-stop Vox comin, lets do this!

2016-06-28 10:56:45

Bluedeamon fue best PIP

2016-06-28 14:21:15


2016-06-28 16:52:39

it's weird bc Vox here in Spain is a far-right political party which anyone likes and are ignored by everyone xD

2016-06-29 10:18:31

Does he have as beautiful hair as PrettyHair?

2016-06-29 11:06:21

do you have a Paladins key for me? =(

2016-06-29 11:08:33

you can get one here: 

2016-06-29 11:09:39

oh! Thanks :v

2016-06-29 14:31:13

when is smite patch notes?

2016-06-29 15:23:28

i enjoyed that stream bruv ! faze raynday

2016-06-29 15:57:21

is that a record for ya when i was wa5ching the other day there was only from 50-100

2016-06-29 19:01:38

I wish I could be there but I wish you luck.

2016-06-29 19:50:17

i want to play in spanish as smite

2016-06-30 06:53:41

When will CB28 drop?

2016-06-30 13:30:12


2016-06-30 19:46:01

if only my pc wasnt lousy id play paladins I have the founder pack:L

2016-06-30 19:46:26

I need to get rid of my 2 keys I have no one to give them to :L

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