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Don't Judge Me

2016-05-02 23:14:47

Lemme add a few more people to this threat.

2016-05-02 23:27:32

No Stragglers.

2016-05-03 13:42:42

wait what? Did I miss something and don't steal my pants!

2016-05-05 16:02:19

Hey I'm on vacation!

2016-05-26 22:27:36


2016-05-26 22:34:03

ok chim thats fine i mean its not like i was hoping you would show up </3 sniff sniff

2016-05-26 22:34:40

did somebody say drinks?

2016-05-26 22:35:17

yis yiiis slips is getting royally destroyed by these awful sounding drinks

2016-05-26 22:47:43

fuck jeffro

2016-05-26 22:53:17

yeah jeffro is silly

2016-05-29 18:04:13

or Californian

2016-05-31 17:06:55


2016-05-31 21:21:43

csgo, tf2, we havent played dino d day in a while. One of those :P

2016-06-01 21:35:33

that is the cutest gif omg

2016-06-01 23:16:40

This is talking about shooting on accident during a comp btw

2016-06-02 16:01:31

NOOO did I miss it~

2016-06-02 16:11:16

b there in a few meeeee nuts #PAA4Life

2016-06-03 18:59:47


2016-06-04 15:50:09

too ready

2016-06-04 16:58:18

I'm sitting here making sure everything is ready for this

2016-06-16 15:24:46


2016-06-21 15:54:51

Dino d day :P

2016-06-28 13:21:21

ok then, sounds fun :D

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