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2016-05-01 15:51:02

Okay , I know you're good people - I was a bit naughty on the copyright, but could ya lift the block? I'll never do it again!

2016-05-01 18:56:15

i have some issues i would like to resolve? how would i put in a support ticket?

2016-05-02 23:03:05

If I deactivated an account is there any way to recover it?

2016-05-02 23:07:12

Hi there! Would you be able to clarify a bit more for me about this issue?

2016-05-02 23:10:59

Have you given anyone permission as an editor in your channel?

2016-05-02 23:15:41

Thank you.

2016-05-02 23:16:42

Not that I know of, I believe after they go offline it will end the hosting after two minutes.

2016-05-02 23:16:51

No problem!

2016-05-03 11:03:38

I cant update my stream Title or Game.

2016-05-03 11:17:09

Does the error persist if you clear cache and refresh?

2016-05-03 12:15:27

Yeah its still there.

2016-05-03 13:55:17

can you please un suspend my account? I apologize. Thanks. 

2016-05-06 22:37:29

Looks like there is something wrong with subs on Twitch. Check your subs and make sure you are subbed to who you are supposed to be! <3

2016-05-06 22:37:37

what do you mean

2016-05-06 22:42:50

A lot of people paid for subs but so t have the sub itself. Probably some small error.

2016-05-06 23:08:46

Was just a couple people during stream and noticed my numbers down lower than normal. Probably something silly or we did :)

2016-05-06 23:09:29

Also, love your face and hope you are well!

2016-05-07 10:02:22

I'm banned from every offline stream, pls fix.

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