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Black Ops 3 Dbl XP / Wep XP & CS:GO | NEW VID: https://youtu.be/D1lbQJjtnfo

2016-05-07 07:41:09

dont forget your free supply drops xD i got the new melee wep but theres it FeelsBadMan

2016-05-07 09:14:10

psst joel, the carver isn't a gun.

2016-05-07 10:46:47

marshal is so OP you should try it out as a primary Shotgun (dual wield). I'll join the stream in an hour

2016-05-07 11:52:52

shit om late (dont you dare judge me...)

2016-06-06 10:15:18

such a unique and carefully considered approach

2016-06-09 07:07:38


2016-06-09 07:14:01

Have been a blast seeing you play it, you make any game fun to watch Orbie! <3

2016-06-09 07:15:43


2016-06-12 08:21:47

probably jumping on the e3 train lol but dont jump to early because jumping infront of it doesnt end wel ;-)

2016-06-12 10:12:31

FeelsBadMan can't watch poop Internet n going home and then you're going away BibleThump

2016-06-13 13:37:33

But Conferences are happening

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