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Final Round Japan Casual Session @FRBJAPAN

2016-05-04 02:26:13

2016-05-04 03:11:37

thats the guy who plays with ino in gg? Koichi

2016-05-04 03:24:22

Yes, he's Koich with Ino of GGXrd.

2016-05-26 22:31:54


2016-06-07 17:39:20

adapt to that Guile. Doesn't Nuckledu have a Guile?!

2016-06-09 23:17:49

in there!!!

2016-06-14 21:24:02

any overwatch?

2016-06-16 23:23:58

this my twitter Art if you need it for any other time.

2016-06-18 19:20:58

is the pc version of sf v better and less laggy?

2016-06-18 20:54:31

If people want in the Discord: …

2016-06-29 14:19:45

If you are thinking about streaming it that's not a good Idea since you would be breaking release date and could be banned

2016-06-29 14:23:07

according to people on Gaf, you can't play it yet. Probably needs the patch to play

2016-06-29 14:38:17

i thought that was a friday release?

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