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The Northernlion Live Super Show!

2016-05-04 17:05:10

what's the docket looking like

2016-05-04 20:29:15

No gif?

2016-05-29 16:01:02

I love that you're playing skyrim now, I need to catch up on your sub streams

2016-05-29 16:09:16

getting gymnasty

2016-05-29 16:27:35

This is me trying to use Widowmaker hook.

2016-05-29 16:48:10

that's picture perfect for how.i went through that game. fuck you mountain!

2016-05-30 22:24:56

all you people washed your hands too much, now germs are immune to antibacterial soap.

2016-05-31 01:18:53

I recommend doing the sidequests for a cityhold (morthal riften etc or guildhall you seem underleveled for main quest.

2016-06-11 16:41:30

Wuh? Saturday live NL?

2016-06-19 16:05:51

if his New Vegas playthrough was anything to go by Skyrim should be fantastic

2016-06-23 18:06:57

haven't you guys memorized all the Pinturillo prompts at this point?

2016-06-23 18:14:24

its easy to get thrown off by the drawings, in some cases it adds a whole new meaning to the word.

2016-06-25 18:12:04

Wrong channel there mate, I believe.

2016-06-25 18:12:32


2016-06-25 18:12:55

. strimmer it's 

2016-06-25 18:14:10

Of course I mean

2016-06-25 18:14:33

wrong channel m7

2016-06-25 18:15:03

TOO LATE, DAMAGE IS DONE! i'm going to sit in your channels chat and go "WTF, STREAM BROKEN?!" for hours!

2016-06-25 19:25:00

2016-06-29 17:02:27

best gif tbh

2016-06-29 17:02:59

2016-06-29 17:07:08

Shaq did it better.

2016-06-29 17:12:22

your use of gifs are one of the reasons you're my favorite youtuber Ryab.

2016-06-29 19:11:35

which one is Nick and which is you?

2016-06-29 19:46:28

oldie but a goodie

2016-06-29 21:44:39

i am loving these gifs when announcing that you're live! Yes keep it coming :D

2016-06-29 22:16:45

this gif is oddly hypnotic

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