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Ginger Gamer Ragequits life, to play Ratwatch. ( PS4/Xbox1 giveaways happen. )

2016-05-01 06:34:36

on my final day in Spain?! Cya tomorrow Nom!

2016-05-01 10:57:53

what! This is an outrage! I need my daily dose of Nom shenanigans! Especially now as I've just left work after an exhausting day!

2016-05-01 11:07:33

Enjoy! …

2016-05-01 11:36:16

Is this punishment for me for missing yesterdays stream?

2016-05-01 12:28:52

That video though. Opened it on the bus, don't think I've ever closed down that quickly before! haha..

2016-05-01 12:32:27

next time, turn it up louder, and sway gently in time with the music while staring at everyone! #winwin

2016-05-01 12:52:53

Finally I know what they sing: "Taberu = Eat Tsukeru = Cook Warau = Smile Futari = Two People/The two of us DOO BEE DOO BAAA"

2016-05-01 12:56:13

It's a happy little song!

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