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2016-04-28 22:15:12

yo Ninjalink sick Sceptile I saw it on stream. Do you main him?

2016-04-29 02:01:49

garchomp and some braixen and I guess some blaziken

2016-04-29 11:01:26

word yeh I use Pika. I was actually thinking about picking up Sceptile as a secondary. Would he make a good secondary or?

2016-04-29 12:43:17

you probably dont need a secondary using pika lol

2016-04-29 14:00:26

true lol. But if I was to just as a back up or if I didn't like matchups. Is Sceptile a good idea? because he looks super fun

2016-04-29 17:55:32

See your yourself if you like him. Just know he doesnt do that much damage and expect to get randomed out sometimes lol

2016-04-29 18:31:18

BIM the south Florida Sceptile says all of sceptiles matchups are even. Would you agree?

2016-04-29 19:15:34

not at all lol

2016-04-29 20:26:38

lol okay. Well then where do you think he'd fall on a tier list? Right below top5? Maybe 6-10?

2016-04-29 20:46:37

I would but I gotta stay longer at work for another 3 hrs. I'll hop in if you're still streamin at 1130. Twitch User: Elitepandaz

2016-05-02 23:21:06

i have an exam early tomorrow sorry. I was hoping you were gonna stream a bit earlier but its cool. Gl on ur stream

2016-05-03 01:02:28

I sowwie ;-;

2016-05-26 23:13:36

Missed the stream dang it :( hopefully I'll catch another analysis lol

2016-05-30 15:40:01

wait you were at momocon too?

2016-05-30 15:49:10

oh nah

2016-06-06 15:37:53

we in there

2016-06-06 15:40:55


2016-06-20 15:41:53

where you at lol

2016-06-20 16:30:33

just landed

2016-06-20 19:04:37


2016-06-22 18:31:39

cc: join the call!

2016-06-22 18:32:13

2016-06-27 16:01:33

waits to to roast me lol

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