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Yeah Son | #NightmareARMY

2016-05-07 17:26:14

don't call me dumb but how does pc get fried?

2016-05-07 17:39:24

if lightning strikes near the area it could cause problems or destroy your pc. It happend to a friend of mine. Google it

2016-06-03 11:44:16

Lets See!

2016-06-04 16:24:30

*sad face*

2016-06-05 09:16:57

ye i watched it. but i slept nearly all the way through it. Kappa

2016-06-05 14:23:30

lol. Well you don't like him

2016-06-05 15:44:20

nah hes alright i just think that i wasn't really interested

2016-06-05 22:58:26

Its Bad! JK Its Awesome! #NightmareARMY 4 Life! :D

2016-06-09 14:28:39

never liked black ops

2016-06-10 02:26:43

happy early bday bro!

2016-06-10 02:53:04

thanks fam

2016-06-15 02:46:50

happy birthday man! Now go to bed Kappa

2016-06-15 02:48:31

haha thanks Hardy. :) Going back to bed now

2016-06-15 07:33:00

Happy Birthday!

2016-06-16 15:50:33

im in A&E Anyway. haha!

2016-06-19 12:09:55

have you had some sleep? kappa

2016-06-26 19:54:01

What Did Rachel Say?

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