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Sniping GOONIES - Montage clips incoming

2016-05-11 16:30:27

hey I have 74 followers wanna do some streams together and grow

2016-05-25 23:33:07

wait wait I you telling me he's never played iron banner

2016-05-27 13:36:59

Baconator level greasy?

2016-05-27 13:37:53

what if we just want to lurk and support from the shadows?

2016-05-27 14:50:19

It would appear grease is the word. ;)

2016-05-27 16:05:23

laugh? Who would want to do such a silly thing?

2016-05-28 21:24:34

bro OKC vs GSW rn fam

2016-05-29 20:26:59

keep on rock hombre! I believe in your awesomeness!

2016-05-29 23:20:27

Must be the proudest daddy

2016-05-30 12:40:18

better hope your not... M Trash! Du du pss

2016-05-30 14:19:39

And I just found out I spelled John's name wrong :(. JohnCGI*

2016-05-31 17:00:53

video soon? Also, the best Canadian on the planet it this guy Mr. Mike Tash

2016-06-02 14:56:09

Expecting destruction and a "Super Serious" video about it!

2016-06-02 15:20:00

I dare you to see my Plan C game. If you want to lose, let me know

2016-06-03 14:02:12

greasy boys

2016-06-07 15:22:32

shotguns ftw....except me I'm about as good as you are in your shot gun video #destinythegame #streamer #thanks

2016-06-07 15:30:17

you're not one of those camping snipers in mayhem are you? Lol. Why do people use guns in mayhem anyways? :)

2016-06-07 15:32:39

snipe that Shit homie. Make Canada proud. Dawg

2016-06-07 16:17:11

I wouldn't doubt it the only things you see in rumble is Sunsinger shottys

2016-06-09 12:57:09


2016-06-09 22:15:34

The supremacy?

2016-06-09 22:16:50

did the Supremacy survive the slaughter? Please tell me she did ;(

2016-06-09 22:21:44

LDR, Final Boss, but not that

2016-06-09 22:22:15

the humanity

2016-06-09 22:22:52

The chat is so triggered...

2016-06-09 22:47:02

that was quite an ordeal

2016-06-10 00:02:34

even your matador???

2016-06-10 00:49:35

what was the glimmer for? This better be a good reason.

2016-06-10 01:12:20

just watched the important parts of the stream. why do I have to wake up to this. what did I do wrong?

2016-06-10 01:27:04

why the hell did you do that? You can make glimmer super fast. It ain't no thing! I got 99 problems but glimmer ain't one!

2016-06-10 02:48:27

R.I.P. SUPREMACY 2014-16

2016-06-10 03:32:48

Bungie at E3: "Gear Ascension is returning in Rise of Iron! You can now upgrade old items to Year 3 power levels!" ;)

2016-06-10 09:59:07

shit man I did that day one one on taking king release I'm one of those ppl who always move forward and never look back I guess

2016-06-10 11:57:02

Nooooo!!!! I still have all my year 1 raid weapons, to be fair not much else from year 1.

2016-06-14 15:25:40

server is offline? No?

2016-06-14 15:26:11

Servers down for another 30 min fam :/

2016-06-14 15:29:01

sunsinger got it this time

2016-06-14 15:37:25

servers up for the like of you good sir !

2016-06-14 15:41:28

take away all supers grenades and make all melees the same and only can use kvostov with a sidearm. You are welcome. #balanced

2016-06-14 15:53:03

stop being so reasonable

2016-06-15 00:36:48

how does TLW feel?

2016-06-15 20:08:32

And it then became a grasp of malok farm

2016-06-15 23:45:52

the best bond ever

2016-06-15 23:47:04

doing the same right now, such a cool bond!

2016-06-16 09:34:29

I got six!

2016-06-16 10:09:39

can you give us an updated Grasp of Malok review?? #NightFall #Omnigul #GodRoll

2016-06-16 17:32:27

2016-06-19 11:19:25

can you help me through trials

2016-06-19 11:19:34

I've never been to the lighthouse

2016-06-19 11:22:14

And he was never heard from again Kappa

2016-06-19 13:50:14

more like MTrash. Ah hah! Kappa

2016-06-19 15:26:50


2016-06-19 15:28:54

can you help me through trials? I've never been to the lighthouse

2016-06-19 15:46:34

damn cheating streamer. Bungie pays people to watch you too eh? Kappa

2016-06-19 15:47:57

2016-06-19 17:43:50

really dug the stream today! cool to see destiny go strong.

2016-06-19 17:44:59

thank you. Haven't had a stream that size in ages

2016-06-19 17:45:45

keep it up

2016-06-23 12:54:51

yeah lets go

2016-06-23 13:11:40

you could play some 3v3 with

2016-06-27 22:44:56

help me pls

2016-06-27 22:45:32

subscribers or followers?

2016-06-27 22:46:43

wanna help me when I get off work?

2016-06-27 23:08:48


2016-06-27 23:10:21

seriously tho, good luck bro

2016-06-29 12:18:28

thought you was going to do a nkuch. Yoooooo what is going on guys

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