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Quick overwatch! :O

2016-05-06 13:13:35

Yo will be streaming soon You should go watch I gotta stay in hell for 3 more hours tho saveme

2016-05-27 13:59:30

WAIT, did you play on Hypixel with viewers last Saturday?!

2016-05-27 14:18:49

Yup, tomorrow will be the third week in a row that we've done Hypixel after our server.

2016-05-27 14:20:26

I never even knew... Guess you'll be seeing me tomorrow

2016-06-03 17:02:04


2016-06-17 17:09:16

Good luck, still got a bit to go until you get to Rank 313!

2016-06-17 18:29:04

Aw man, the one time I can't be there D:

2016-06-17 18:29:35

Sorry D:

2016-06-17 22:29:02

It's alright :D I'll return in two weeks!

2016-06-25 18:39:11

yeah it was really fun

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