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the long grind to bronze 5

2016-04-30 16:29:44

why are you torturing yourself D:

2016-04-30 16:30:07

i hate myself and somehow feel the need to get out of bronze in this bad game

2016-04-30 16:30:45

best of luck, your only option is to snowball out of control and I think riot removed that

2016-04-30 16:32:07

yup. no more mejais or any good stuff like that otherwise i'd carry as ryze or brand

2016-04-30 16:33:48

I think Rengar might still be reliable but I assume you're a mid player?

2016-04-30 16:34:14

top actually. wanted to learn jungle but everything out there is conflicted about what to do

2016-04-30 16:35:07

ouch, top is hard to snowball carry. I used to try to roam lanes often and it worked half the time. The other half I fell be

2016-05-03 15:59:32

who you like nowadays? played n'zoth rogue but I also have midrange shammy lol

2016-05-03 16:41:39

played a single game with cheese mage and stopped playing because I found it hard to care

2016-05-03 16:42:12

aw, sorry my dude.

2016-06-15 21:06:33

did i miss it? Fug

2016-06-15 21:07:46

it was literally just me going "oh spooky" and pausing at every minor thing that happened, wasn't all that great

2016-06-15 21:08:03


2016-06-27 23:54:54

Whattathefuck is this game

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