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Come play Soma with me! <3

2016-05-07 15:35:45

isnt it something with ur internet?

2016-05-07 15:44:28

no :/ seems like more people had troubles

2016-05-07 15:49:51

i can look what the problem can be so you can stream if u still want to, i waited 2 hours on ur channel for u to come xD

2016-05-07 15:54:25

oh, I'm so sorry tristan! Thank you for waiting <3 I have to get up at 5 in the morning, so it's getting late for me :(sucks

2016-05-07 15:55:28

ohh okay well see ya thuesday then and no problem

2016-05-07 15:56:03

Yes cya then! :) thank you ^^

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