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ESEA. Salt likely. @MetuzCSGO

2016-05-03 05:21:18

I'd join you, oh wait I bought the game too recently to get a FUCKING CODE! Can't

2016-05-03 17:41:11

no bass grind :( #NeglectedBass

2016-05-29 10:06:03

nice to get good casters for the lower tier games too.

2016-06-06 03:08:03

been wanting to try that game how'd you get in early :o

2016-06-06 04:00:42

pre order the deluxe edition you get beta key

2016-06-06 08:14:17

Hit me up, I'm off during the week for some if you like!

2016-06-14 12:34:14

inv me l8r or 1v1 killhouse

2016-06-14 12:34:56

that was the worst map in cod4...

2016-06-14 12:35:18

its the 1v1 map you lemon.

2016-06-14 12:36:09

2016-06-14 12:40:21

are u gonna stream as well again? :) your last stream was nice!

2016-06-15 21:09:47

I would tune in but I'm gotta get some sleep what's you fave new knife (mines the bayonet lore!!!!)

2016-06-16 08:06:07

Sorry vince, ez for wales!

2016-06-16 08:08:49

yep, don't have much faith after that russia match

2016-06-22 08:18:54

That's sick :O

2016-06-22 18:56:31

why are you so beautiful? That's my question.

2016-06-22 19:28:23

Are you trying to seduce me? It's working.

2016-06-22 19:31:13

I gotta break up you and somehow

2016-06-27 20:16:03

i heard sodium is healthy

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