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Just a Demo...

2016-05-02 23:31:44


2016-05-02 23:33:47

So, Hows the Grapic & Sound?

2016-05-02 23:35:02

Okay. Yeah, no music is playing.

2016-05-02 23:36:12

Jeez you are good at this game. Also there's no sound.

2016-05-02 23:36:56

Ngh, Let me fix it.

2016-05-02 23:37:20

You are! Okay.

2016-05-02 23:38:43


2016-05-02 23:41:05

No problem. It keeps buffering but I think there's still no sound. The buffering might be on my end though.

2016-05-02 23:46:46

is the music playing now?

2016-05-02 23:47:14


2016-05-02 23:47:40

Great! Now i know how to stream!

2016-05-02 23:49:10


2016-05-02 23:51:08

All I need is Capture card.;-;

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