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2016-05-06 21:44:38

I'll be watchin!

2016-05-06 23:15:37

I know you guys did this because I have to work on Sunday, so thanks. It's really appreciated. Thanks for doing it for me.

2016-05-06 23:20:07

Hey Rocco, what do you and think about the Disney Kingdoms comics? I loved the Figment one, it'd make a dope film.

2016-05-06 23:27:25

I'm a fan. I especially like the artwork.

2016-05-06 23:40:31

nice! Now it doesn't interfere with Game of Thrones. Can't wait!

2016-05-07 02:57:06

Finally I can watch it Live again!

2016-05-07 05:05:21

finally i can actually watch it live for once

2016-05-07 06:36:41

this throws off my entire weekend. Also, why not just do momcast?

2016-05-07 07:01:51

. I CAN FINALLY TUNE IN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE THREE MONTHS. #allcapsnecessary #excited #imisslivepodcasts

2016-05-10 23:47:11

Same! Jim Zub's super talented, I can't wait to read the sequel series. Wanted a Disney Infinity fig of him, but oh well.

2016-05-29 22:20:03

dance class shirt

2016-06-05 19:56:05

damn, am I too late?

2016-06-12 15:30:22

Looking forward to it guys. #PosiVibes

2016-06-12 15:33:55

can't wait boys

2016-06-12 15:34:22

I'll try to catch it but I might be too busy adulting.

2016-06-12 15:35:12

very much needed and looking forward to it

2016-06-12 15:41:43

we need some #posivibes right about now.

2016-06-12 18:36:46

thank you for always bringing the #posivibes when it's needed most. Wish I could watch tonight but there will always be tues

2016-06-20 19:47:30

It's so hot. Don't die.

2016-06-20 20:08:34

Stay cool over there!

2016-06-20 20:54:50

Stocks are up!

2016-06-20 21:04:15

no youre not

2016-06-20 21:07:39

the real reason why there wasn't a podcast lol should've done a ps4 podcast

2016-06-25 00:04:23

stop hyping this up I'm going to have a stroke from the anxiety

2016-06-25 00:04:30

the chains are OFF

2016-06-25 00:42:48

the boi is ready

2016-06-25 00:53:19

I'll be at work

2016-06-25 14:43:15

yeah, still gonna miss it

2016-06-25 14:43:36

will there be a podium ?

2016-06-25 16:51:04

Awesome to hear this stuff

2016-06-25 16:59:19

Amazing stream so far. Thanks so much, guys! I hope the restructured Patreon helps exactly as you hope and more.

2016-06-25 17:57:28

Mega64nimation Season 2. Calling it.

2016-06-25 19:01:01


2016-06-25 19:02:34

Please, mega 64 podcasts are /comfy/ as fuck

2016-06-25 20:59:52

And today I learned to drink water and eat food.

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