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MAN vs DARK SOULS III (PC) Rise of Victor (Faith Build - NG)

2016-04-29 21:01:35

Yay! I may have to lurk while the painkillers kick in. Fucking pinched nerves.

2016-04-30 02:59:44

your the man! Very fun stream as always

2016-04-30 12:33:06

Hello Chicago-ans. What does one do on a rainy day, and no work?

2016-04-30 21:02:42

Mid-cast tweet! #zekeYUP

2016-04-30 21:03:26

been loving the stream. Made me download Nioh :]

2016-04-30 21:13:04

I don't think the fire keeper approves of your plan. Especially when a sword swing to the head is involved. #Kappa

2016-04-30 21:17:02

BTW don't ember. There's a guy hacking right now and getting people soft banned by flashing their accounts for cheating.

2016-04-30 21:17:29


2016-04-30 21:35:24


2016-05-02 23:28:06

2016-05-03 00:10:06

so this is ur last stream of DS3?

2016-05-05 23:22:07

godamnit man. I'm just about to go to sleep!

2016-05-24 03:56:28

Welp looks like I'm gonna get now sleep tonight

2016-05-24 03:57:55

just in time! My Parks&Recreation Tv marathon just ended.

2016-05-24 03:59:16

*no #FailFish

2016-05-24 04:02:22

that's odd must be a glitch or something lol #kappa

2016-06-02 00:04:20


2016-06-02 04:15:20

It makes total sense to make video game based on BS number game of

2016-06-02 23:49:29

not sure I wanna know what your stomach will do if/when you beat it.

2016-06-02 23:49:53

2016-06-02 23:57:27

good luck hope you beat it.

2016-06-03 02:23:27

appreciate it <3

2016-06-10 00:46:48 … #Kappa

2016-06-20 23:52:38

let me see those sick snipesss

2016-06-24 00:35:24

this is where multi twitch comes in handy so you can watch them all at the same time on one screen

2016-06-24 00:39:38

Boob ????

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