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FPS Tips. Running Trials with the EG Crew

2016-05-06 20:12:13

can an old kat like me join in?

2016-06-16 12:47:55

DUDE. Six is so good. Everything, down to the music.

2016-06-16 12:49:23

I was debating on starting a FF V play through even though it wasn't well received however the music in VI is incredible

2016-06-16 12:51:46

wait, am I hearing this right? You've NEVER played VI??

2016-06-16 12:52:36

dude just from reading that, the main theme is stuck in my head, the one when Terra, Biggs, and Wedge are walking in the snow

2016-06-16 12:52:50

Not to completion also it's been 10 years. I an beyond pumped! I recently bought FF Anthology. Black disc and all #collectors

2016-06-16 12:53:56

wow. You totally owe it to yourself to get to the final battle. I still argue that FFVI has the best end credits sequence EVER.

2016-06-16 12:55:00

I will make it!

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