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[XB1/EN] - DC Universe Online - Feeling villainous

2016-05-04 00:37:01

Come watch on #Twitch "Challenging Incursion" https://www.twitch.tv/unloveably  via

2016-05-04 01:48:36

S'all good. And if you wanna follow me on Twitch, I'd appreciate it ;)

2016-05-04 01:54:22

Nah, my channel is so lonely. Lol. Trying to build an audience so I can get in to streaming properly. It's been difficult.

2016-05-04 14:45:32

Please help me grow on twitch and give my little heart some love! http://www.twitch.tv/zombiecupkake pic.twitter.com/y7OGwpS2QT

2016-05-04 15:12:08

you first

2016-05-04 15:13:23

Ahh, yes boss. Done :)

2016-05-04 15:16:41

tickled ya back! Thank you! Please stop by when you catch me online!

2016-05-04 15:18:21

Thanks! I think it's messed up right now because it's not showing me on your following, but I'm definitely there, no.335!

2016-05-04 15:19:12

I got the email lol no prob I almost followed the channel you are hosting but I got you

2016-05-04 15:23:33

Shweet! I'm only just starting up and I'm finding it pretty hard to build an audience, so I appreciate every follow.

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