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Gonna farm so hard.

2016-05-03 01:09:29

Just sang Do You Wanna Loot the Bodies? to myself while looting the bodies of the room full of people I just took out.

2016-05-03 01:10:59

Is that a parody you made up, or does it exist out there somewhere? :)

2016-05-03 01:11:37

I made it up as I was looting enemy bodies xD

2016-05-03 01:12:47

*tries too* Do you wanna loot the bodies? Do you wanna snag some gear? Most of this is steal anyway; it's okay; there may

2016-05-03 01:13:09

something epic here!

2016-05-03 01:13:27

Hey, that's pretty good! :)

2016-05-03 01:14:08

Thanks! Parody tunes are a vice of mine as well. :-)

2016-05-03 01:15:34

I did one for 's Punchy playthrough of Skyrim, of the Dovahkiin song. You can hear it halfway through this

2016-05-03 01:18:11

That's awesome!

2016-05-03 01:20:48

Good to know!

2016-05-27 05:46:46

Since we'll be in 8bit;

2016-06-03 06:02:52

Well even if i'm out, i'm not OUT!

2016-06-04 11:41:20

: Kate is available this afternoon, so we're Oxenfree-ing it up at 3pm EDT! #SaturFree #TeamPunchy 

2016-06-04 14:22:54

Have fun guys i'll catch-up later when i can ;)

2016-06-04 14:27:37


2016-06-24 15:38:55

good thing i did 2 gifs, and made coffeee

2016-06-24 18:06:01

Who Punches the Punchy?

2016-06-24 19:15:28

Damn dude, that's deep.

2016-06-25 12:18:16

Does this mean no Case of the Mondays?

2016-06-25 12:50:00

Nope, just an extra today too! :) If people can't make today, I'll catch em up on Monday!

2016-06-25 12:57:29

2016-06-25 13:03:17

Maltese Falcon? Got a gif for every occasion, dontcha? :)

2016-06-25 13:28:08

2016-06-26 11:33:30

Well. Missed this too? Why don't you stack ALL of the extra streams on a weekend i'm out :p

2016-06-26 12:43:22

Witht the way my schedule is going, i don't think i could handle such catchup :p

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