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2016-05-04 05:45:09

she awesome \^.^/ great streamer.

2016-05-24 11:24:05

2016-06-02 06:58:01

hey i will come ahve a lok at your twitch when i can

2016-06-04 21:50:38

I said don't drink and drive and she still hangs out around cars... Drunk... Bad Eljay, bad.

2016-06-21 10:12:57

been following her over a year now!

2016-06-21 16:29:14

thank you!!!! xxxxx

2016-06-27 05:09:37

she's solo now omen, no longer in a stream team.

2016-06-27 05:13:32

oh really? damn! well then we need push her harder than ever man

2016-06-27 05:15:00

I do know why she's not in a team either but not discussing it in public tweets. Host like mad

2016-06-27 05:17:34

To be honest man I'm not interested in the nitty gritty details anyway, gossip doesn't float my boat, lol

2016-06-27 05:21:08

main thing is shes doing fantastically without a steam team. Trying to get lindsay to play Destiny again, that's the challenge

2016-06-27 08:21:14

I can't tell she ain't just by her twitch pic

2016-06-27 12:12:12

I will later on hope you enjoying your birthday stream

2016-06-27 12:29:56

Happy Birthday! :)

2016-06-27 15:43:05

I love you buddy xxxx <3

2016-06-27 18:50:57

happy birthday! Late on the wishes but great stream! Enjoy

2016-06-28 00:44:59

let's go show some love on her AWESOME 24 hour stream!!  smash that follow button!!

2016-06-28 01:30:06

Congrats Eljay :)

2016-06-28 10:52:28

Yo go girl! #MarathonStreamer #StreamQueen #LJFAM I'd be like after a 24 hour stream. Sleep well, LoL.

2016-06-30 14:59:02

that's cool

2016-06-30 15:00:39

come join <3

2016-06-30 15:01:02

happy birthday to you

2016-06-30 15:03:17

ok lets if I came stream you on twich ok

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