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[18+] Dark Souls Veteran = Dark Souls III = [ New Followers Goal acheived. #Giveaway at 10 viewers. ]

2016-05-04 04:05:05

And I fking start as a homeless with no armor & nothing else then a crapy fking shield

2016-05-04 04:06:37

I start all my Darksouls like that to have 100% control over my level and classes

2016-05-04 04:08:09

give knight a go?

2016-05-04 04:10:29

never lol I will be noob if I do this

2016-05-04 04:11:59

not beating the tutorial boss already did that

2016-05-04 04:20:35

Please start a no class and record it and show it to me I will stream it in 20 minutes

2016-05-04 13:42:17

no i dont have any recording programs and dont wanna do all that hazzle to prove myself to

2016-05-04 13:43:01

some twitter guy. Its the first boss, more or less everyone has beat him

2016-05-04 18:08:23

bro get on my stream right now

2016-05-04 18:34:55

why? Also I didnt see the tweet before now

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