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(Blind) Game/Lore Discussion + Tips encouraged - Show #1334

2016-05-02 20:47:12

whatcha playing?

2016-05-24 22:19:41

No pause, where men and slugs become legends.

2016-05-26 22:33:32

is there a way to see how many times you've streamed in the dash? I'm curious how many I'm up to

2016-06-02 21:26:35

whitest kids you know reference. king me.

2016-06-07 21:59:29

welcome back!

2016-06-07 22:31:17

My follow list was looking rather lacking without you.

2016-06-09 22:41:38

i played it on my ouya once it was pretty strange and actually chsllenging

2016-06-09 22:42:11

have to talk to each camper based on movements to keep them sane

2016-06-10 21:07:54

Oregon trial in RLhttp://katu.com/news/local/accused-bike-thief-reportedly-lassoed-by-man-on-horse-in-southern-oregon …

2016-06-15 03:02:18


2016-06-18 02:42:53

my fav cooking show!!

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