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oi oi top plays gabber

2016-05-03 15:32:03

yo leah its the internet, its not possible to be gently. Have you even watched porn lately?? kappa

2016-05-03 15:45:11

Are you playing on PC?!

2016-05-03 16:15:27

im watchin you with this evenin !!!

2016-05-07 15:37:46

u 'avin a go at me mum?

2016-05-24 18:03:36

oh and it's Overwatch btw!!

2016-05-25 16:48:00

she was singing "Welcome to the chat Mario, Mario welcome, welcome Mario...." OMG My new fav streamer :p

2016-05-26 15:09:23

2016-05-29 15:14:38

stay green and keep goin love your streams

2016-05-30 15:21:44

ITS HYPE NOOT gibeNoot gibeNoot gibeNoot gibeNoot gibeNoot gibeNoot gibeNoot

2016-05-31 15:13:35


2016-05-31 15:15:21

we in bois -insert gasm or hype emote-

2016-06-02 15:40:57

when are you going to return to destiny?

2016-06-02 15:41:33

My guess is this attempt lasts until you hear the words "It's high noon."

2016-06-03 14:52:24

If you're playing on xbox, you should add me 'EvilSpacegos'. I like to run with Soldier 76 mostly.

2016-06-03 14:57:05

I’m loving playing Mercy right now!

2016-06-03 15:30:24

it's okay, this is as good as I get with widowpic.twitter.com/dZ6P0pdE4a

2016-06-03 15:39:18

Literally me every single game. Then I die to stupid shit and lucky shots as Tracer and tilt even more.

2016-06-03 17:24:08

I can relate to this waaaayy too much...

2016-06-09 13:59:52

do u like the new dlc? stream was a bit short :(

2016-06-11 15:07:10

woo :D also, don't stress if you have to end it early, health > streams :)

2016-06-11 15:07:18

eyes arrrr annoying arrrrnt they?

2016-06-11 15:31:25

Sorry, internet being a pain, can't handle it. Hope the eye is going well!

2016-06-12 16:22:24

Me, as long as your eyes are feeling better don't worry bout it

2016-06-12 16:22:31

but.... but it's E3! Don't make me choose!

2016-06-12 16:22:57

haha i know, i'm sorry :c

2016-06-12 16:24:33

Hahah it's fine. I have two eyes, one for each screen! :P

2016-06-13 16:18:50

>well disguised. Nice try

2016-06-14 10:18:27


2016-06-14 11:08:50


2016-06-15 19:02:50

Do you know HOW HARD it is to watch you play AND play Overwatch at the same time!? But I do it anyway. :3

2016-06-15 19:04:01

You're a trooper ;)

2016-06-15 19:05:17

I do what I can, thank you my dear! :)pic.twitter.com/MaUVGW5iQ1

2016-06-21 15:47:05

well I'm off to find a sports Store and look at the hiking department lol

2016-06-22 14:44:30

Good choice. *nodnod*

2016-06-23 10:16:12

play with me PogChamp

2016-06-23 15:50:31


2016-06-23 18:29:47

awks Keepo

2016-06-23 18:31:46

"I didnt read my phone" girls excuse 101

2016-06-23 18:32:10

ill remember that for next time i ignore it ;)

2016-06-24 15:28:31

England has internet right now? American news is reporting your whole country is in complete chaos.

2016-06-27 14:31:46

your so pretty :D x

2016-06-28 12:20:39

Legos and Star Wars, my two favorite things as a kid

2016-06-29 15:10:37

And i cant watch, because twitch is super borked. Cant even load the site :(

2016-06-29 16:57:31

are you looking for a lovely stream team to help you gain some more viewers and support your stream ?

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