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2016-04-30 18:31:43

In your report did you show proof such as a vod link with a timestamp

2016-04-30 18:33:53

No, but if you go onto their channel you can see they're not playing any game - they're live now

2016-04-30 18:34:33

Their game is set to "" but they're clearly not playing it

2016-05-27 14:46:17

oye block y listos que yo cambio fácil(? Dw.

2016-05-27 14:49:50

no lo cambie ender necesita amor del bueno

2016-05-27 14:50:24

no me toquéis la moral que hoy salgo de fiesta y la puedo liar en 0,(?

2016-05-27 14:52:31

ender tamb la puede liar con que ahora son pareja

2016-05-27 14:52:55

que les vaya fine(?'

2016-05-27 14:53:23

deseales suerte en su relación xD

2016-05-27 14:54:05

lo hago

2016-05-27 14:54:57

xD tu te quedas conmigo no?

2016-06-04 14:15:17

Poki is love, Poki is life.

2016-06-04 14:20:49

Egirl ?

2016-06-04 14:42:34


2016-06-04 15:05:26

No love again for the EU viewers, sad :(

2016-06-10 18:36:50

2016-06-10 18:47:24

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