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Moving on up

2016-05-06 16:36:59

We play Devil's Bluff 

2016-05-06 17:08:00

Those other voices are pretty quiet

2016-05-06 17:10:32

yeah, is your recording still up? I might compare.

2016-05-06 17:17:20

You should add a description to the video, maybe with timestamps of when you switch games.

2016-05-06 17:20:10

Kori came in really loud, but everyone else is pretty quiet. Who was using a headset vs desktop mic? Do you know?

2016-05-06 17:20:15

Yeah, it should've split them up though, unless i forgot to stop streaming and just switched from one to another

2016-05-06 17:22:06

I was using a headset with external mic and jordan was using a headset. I'm not sure about Kori and Larissa though

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