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KP Stream

2016-04-29 22:33:22

Dan after a few more 6 packspic.twitter.com/JZsCRihxkl

2016-04-29 23:59:09

it went Platinum in Austrailiapic.twitter.com/CruXrENTl5

2016-04-30 00:14:16


2016-05-03 21:12:26

sad tabemonster isnt the stream warmup Unless I missed it

2016-05-28 22:49:38

I MADE A VIDEO YOU BETTER CLICK ON IThttps://youtu.be/B4CmHtYl6s4 

2016-05-30 21:41:13

you gonna play with MakinBacon and I? :3

2016-06-02 20:10:28

KP Porn? Jw.

2016-06-10 21:49:36

have fun buddy! ^_^

2016-06-11 20:43:03

Is it trash?

2016-06-12 16:01:40

I might actually do it so I have people that will put up with my whining.

2016-06-12 16:11:27

are you going to upload it to YouTube?

2016-06-12 20:30:29

I wont be able to tune into the stream unfortunately but will you be posting it on YouTube?

2016-06-12 20:33:29

As usual, yeah. Not the conference though. I'm just gonna host it so we can use my chat for it.

2016-06-16 20:09:54

roblox plz

2016-06-17 22:29:49

Look at you, so hip and with it! <3

2016-06-18 03:05:07

I hope you didn’t swear this time.

2016-06-24 15:12:31

oh noooo I'm still two episodes behind :(

2016-06-24 18:30:58

I can't believe you're streaming so goddog early. This came through at 4am for me!

2016-06-24 19:05:41

I haven't been able to catch any streams this week bc I watching my grandmothers house and her internet is garbage :o(

2016-06-28 19:56:36

The absolute madman

2016-06-29 04:43:33

I can't believe you've been doing it with one this whole time. He truly is the absolute mad man

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