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dynamic queue with friends

2016-05-01 02:14:50

jk dynamic queue with subs now because queue times op

2016-05-01 02:29:06

Thank you kindly for the good stream always a pleasure to watch

2016-05-24 23:27:51

are you ranking solo or playing with subs??

2016-05-28 18:47:55

ok overwatch time mccree more like mcfree

2016-05-30 04:42:34

holy shit that was amazing thank you guys for talking

2016-06-05 19:15:21

wait fam I ain't ready!

2016-06-07 03:54:12

ok tryhard queue for a bit

2016-06-07 04:01:39

I'm on a 9 game losing streak on league today on stream. I hate league.

2016-06-07 08:26:28

i played 2 games ..

2016-06-07 12:28:13

is the best windowmaker player

2016-06-07 22:49:59

Wont be there butbut have a nice strum Jummy jumSup jumBless.

2016-06-09 02:55:32

tryhard queue for a bit because i suck at osu

2016-06-09 07:22:46

okay donezo time for some overwatch and chill WIDOWMAKER MAIN INCOMING

2016-06-12 20:08:52

same its TIME

2016-06-15 07:26:33

ok lets see if critcian is back in the game with this patch

2016-06-17 01:51:34

OK I'm back it was worthpic.twitter.com/QC3HeD0dXX

2016-06-18 02:07:57

some solo queue to end the night. Please solo q gods helppic.twitter.com/ZRWvQkLYhe

2016-06-18 02:57:17

sigh that was U that rumble game i played CMON man.. i love YASUO players WOOHOO

2016-06-20 01:52:26


2016-06-23 21:07:58

you make my heart stop when you look at me like that

2016-06-26 01:10:20

as long as it's you jummy, we'll watch anything!

2016-06-27 01:18:58

it's cause the stupid ass poodlecorp are ddos'ing the blizzard servers right now

2016-06-30 03:20:06

I wish you great luck that you have no leavers on your team.

2016-06-30 05:30:39

ok going to league solo queue to untilt from overwatch we have gone full circlehttp://twitch.tv/jummychu 

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