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2016-04-30 21:11:44

nice set of friends you got lad

2016-06-14 22:06:39

yeah the one that fucked her controller hop on in!

2016-06-14 22:07:18

I'm in tears get ripped

2016-06-14 22:08:09

bro If I wasn't in bed I would verbally molest her so bad she'd commit I promise you

2016-06-14 22:08:51

hahahaha trust bro rapid fire extended mag lmg and she was finished!

2016-06-14 22:09:50

lol she still looks like my da even with a filter she is an eGirl snm she cuts her wrists

2016-06-16 12:11:37

"Craig bellamy" you fucking mad man fuck me.

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