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i should be studying

2016-05-03 18:22:10

i am so happy with it ahh

2016-05-03 21:54:29

2016-05-25 22:17:47


2016-06-05 21:07:20

You're streaming??????????? JILL I'M SORRY I'M MISSING THIS

2016-06-05 21:30:07

Quiplash!!!!!! More like memelashhttp://twitch.tv/jillen 

2016-06-05 21:32:06

who did ur avi omg

2016-06-05 22:06:17

my sweet pal !!! she's a wonderful artist

2016-06-05 22:09:36

next time <3

2016-06-05 22:23:25

also I love you too omg thanks for sticking with me for a billion years

2016-06-10 17:02:00

All donations/tips/whatever you call them are going to my plane ticket for RTX. Don't feel obligated to help but pls come have fun w/ me

2016-06-10 19:35:20

have fun jillen!! Hope to be back before you end!

2016-06-11 23:05:07

Glory to Arstotzka

2016-06-17 19:35:34


2016-06-17 19:38:21


2016-06-17 19:52:45

shit, I sat here wondering why it hadn't started then reread the tweet. Whoops.

2016-06-17 20:32:54

I read it like that too. Then I saw yours. Then I read hers again. We can't read.

2016-06-19 14:53:14

the dadliest dad

2016-06-19 21:23:55

I missed it lol I'll go kill myself now lol

2016-06-22 18:16:01

im comin thru!

2016-06-25 22:36:40

if I tune in and see no live dudes I will be seriously disappointed

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