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2016-04-30 17:20:52

I knew I recognized your voice in the background of stream! GL HF

2016-04-30 17:51:15

Do you know of podcast? Your bud was among the best guests. Would be cool if you got on as well

2016-04-30 17:52:27

saw i tagged a fake freddy. Anyway his show was my favorite and i think you would be a great guest. An idea.

2016-04-30 18:20:38

Now you know.

2016-05-01 13:22:08

watching both replays back to back today. Hilarious stuff

2016-05-24 01:52:15

Love you Jerry but god DAMN do I not need to see your Twitter feed anymore.

2016-05-24 01:53:32


2016-05-24 01:53:43

hey Jerry Bet you can beat me in NHL! #imcanadian #hockeyiscanadsgame

2016-05-24 02:51:15

It's "LIT" in

2016-05-24 08:11:47

do I give a fuck? That's the answer!

2016-05-24 11:03:30

thanks for sharing Jerry Ferrara, have a great Tuesday :) ( Insight via >> )

2016-05-25 20:50:45

Hull Mode.

2016-05-25 20:53:37

What system? im game.

2016-05-25 20:54:50

follow me on and join the chat. Make your case as to why.

2016-05-25 21:09:37

Your Twitch is awesome Jerry!! Can't wait to see more!

2016-05-26 00:40:18

Check out stream! guys a force! a hurricane,you can't contain that! It's pure power  bout to unleash it

2016-05-27 19:11:08

in your chat

2016-05-29 18:43:28

strictly guys who talk the best trash and have sick celebrations.

2016-05-29 19:09:25

I'm out here everyday on Xbox 

2016-05-29 19:10:27

why don't y'all have ps4 I need a squad

2016-05-30 14:22:59

we need to play some #xbox employees

2016-05-30 17:33:56

are you serious? are you a gamer?

2016-05-30 17:44:25

I will be on soon.

2016-05-30 17:47:41

what about pc players

2016-05-30 19:41:51

Yesss, been obsessed since I went to work .

2016-05-30 20:27:07

how can I try out for the unpro-pro squad?

2016-05-30 20:51:54

I'll be the best Mercy you've ever seen.

2016-05-30 21:39:00

Thanks for the tryouts. Had a blast. Look forward to playing again. #TeamButtonMashers FTW

2016-05-30 21:52:09

I am

2016-05-30 22:05:39

love it man we've been having a great time with the game. Congrats to y'all GREAT GAME!!!

2016-05-31 07:23:02

watched a bit of your stream last night (was night in Norway) #Hugefan

2016-05-31 12:22:49


2016-06-02 19:40:49

who is your fave character so far freddie??

2016-06-07 19:23:44

you back with meadow soprano geek?

2016-06-07 20:42:02

Thanks Skillz

2016-06-16 13:43:50

will it be uploaded if we can't make it live?

2016-06-16 13:46:52

you look like you have white face on LOL

2016-06-16 13:50:56

hit me up for some games sometime man!

2016-06-16 17:17:51

happy Im home to catch the show via , usually stuck at work. #B4B, the perfect #NBAFINALS appetizer

2016-06-16 19:04:31

i'll be there in 5 :D

2016-06-16 19:22:41

sweet queens Boulevard poster bro lol

2016-06-16 20:50:25

omg so excited

2016-06-17 20:09:42

you're the man

2016-06-22 22:28:53

Jerry if u need help in the future with mods count me in always glad to help----bishopx50

2016-06-25 00:40:39

Will join you when I get home.

2016-06-25 00:40:54

grow up and play some rainbow six siege :P

2016-06-25 00:46:55

you should enter in the #weeklychallenge next week. I got a free xbox one code w your name on it if you want it

2016-06-25 01:06:43

an NFC East rival? #FlyEaglesFly

2016-06-25 02:44:35

but they smell bad

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