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2016-05-03 10:09:24

last nights stream was alot of fun, playing, Tales From The Borderlands, we sent that raid luuurve to , but....

2016-05-03 10:10:31

it didnt get acknowledged, not even a caster :(

2016-05-03 10:14:25

I've realized some people just don't acknowledge everything but, im sure he appreciated it on the inside

2016-05-03 10:19:17

all he did was ask how i was :( i answered it but, didnt get any reply...he only had 15 viewers,

2016-05-03 10:19:22

watch his stream he did last night.

2016-05-03 10:29:36

I've been in his streams b4. All i can say is don't take it personal

2016-05-03 10:31:13

guess i won't take it that personally !

2016-05-03 10:31:44

minus the caster

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