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Kvyat RBR Career Mode

2016-05-07 12:04:53

I'm shocked at the votes so far

2016-05-07 12:15:40

25 mins left results may be interesting! I'm giving away no spoilers, y'all will find out when I stream!

2016-05-25 14:26:47

it's an experience rather than anything, you're unraveling a mystery & part of the fabric of it, incredible graphics

2016-05-25 14:28:30

awesome stuff downloading it right now!

2016-05-25 14:30:03

I've never played anything like it my life. Won loads of game Baftas

2016-05-25 14:31:05

sure I'll enjoy it then :)

2016-05-25 14:33:17

have you got a good sound system? The music is out of this world, very very atmospheric

2016-05-25 14:35:13

dude, I'm going nuts, it's not even half done yet..

2016-05-25 14:40:08

you can walk faster though, but visuals are that good you'll want to explore every bit, it's life

2016-05-25 14:40:51

that's the graphics? Shit looks like real life omg

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