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2016-05-04 00:31:54

also creating plans for my next 24 hour stream! suggestions welcome. more or less 3ds games will be featured.

2016-06-03 06:31:59

y u change sides man

2016-06-03 06:36:29

wot? lol

2016-06-03 06:36:55

you 3ds overlay, you were on the good side now you turnt left? D:

2016-06-03 06:38:16

my b D:

2016-06-03 06:46:39

its just imo, you had it good, just dont like game in left

2016-06-03 08:48:14

yeah, I am usually all for splits on the left, although I wanted to test a change

2016-06-16 11:11:11

meanwhile I'm excited as fuk about getting Connect Four GBA

2016-06-16 12:01:32

your words are weak

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