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[PS4] 3s Wagers (Giveaway at 150 Followers)

2016-05-04 14:02:12

why are you home.

2016-05-04 14:04:19

got my braces so i got home at 12:45ish

2016-05-04 14:04:43

ah. I hated braces. they fell off so much in the beginning.

2016-05-04 16:26:57

i am gonna try to get a 3s chal right now

2016-05-27 18:09:13


2016-06-04 19:08:10

just made a 138-246 COMEBACK sorry had to end the stream started lagging internet been fucking up lately

2016-06-04 19:08:21

wish u could have seen that

2016-06-04 23:40:13

2v2 chall after?

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