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GOML Talk, Chillllllllin

2016-05-04 01:22:22

how many "last days" will you have?

2016-05-04 01:24:40

Better stock up on some craft beers

2016-05-04 01:42:07

lol the only one I call a last day.

2016-05-04 01:48:31

lol can't miss this

2016-05-04 02:41:28

good stuff. You got this

2016-05-04 09:53:37

For the drunk stream: …

2016-05-06 19:56:54

0/10 lit

2016-05-24 01:14:25


2016-05-24 15:30:23

Is this the return of lit drunk Hugo streams?

2016-05-28 10:58:44

advertising a full day in advance??? Move this man up the sellout rankings

2016-05-28 11:11:43

sponsorship incoming??? Krey

2016-05-28 11:20:22

top 25 update Kreygasm.

2016-05-28 15:39:16

hugs IMO there's a clear top 28 players. Do your list off of that I think.

2016-05-29 23:46:23


2016-05-29 23:58:58


2016-05-30 00:03:12

2016-05-30 00:03:48

fucking savage

2016-05-30 00:08:39

Like 8-0 vs you in 2015/2016 until Fight Pitt, where you went 3-2. Let's see how the next set goes. Still <3 you tho

2016-05-30 00:09:26

At least my legs are smoother than your gameplay

2016-05-30 00:11:51

I definitely paid HugS $3 to buy that razor.

2016-05-30 00:13:12

do you like cats or dogs more, Hugs? I'm doing data collection on MIOM ranked players. Thanks.

2016-05-30 00:15:28

the old school ledgend

2016-05-30 00:19:31

help me out pls Mike

2016-05-30 00:34:39

Hey, he only shaved one leg.

2016-05-30 12:02:22

I was way too gone to find any humor in this last night lmao My b

2016-05-30 12:10:43

did you really, Hugo?? LOOOL

2016-05-30 12:12:46

I now have one semi shaved leg and a lot of shaving cream on my computer desk

2016-05-30 12:13:27

never do the pits That's the worst.

2016-05-30 13:38:04

2016-05-31 00:39:17

you defs the type of dude to recap your own streams lmao

2016-06-03 14:02:44

didn't get the chance to say congrats. Good work Hugo. Dreamteam made a good pickup

2016-06-03 14:12:29

Thanks bromeo

2016-06-03 15:52:46

wait, this is possible right? Lmao

2016-06-03 15:53:13


2016-06-03 15:53:42

You just guaranteed yourself a lifetime sub Can't always catch the stream and I always seem to miss the ones that get nuked

2016-06-03 15:54:24

This would mean all VODs would be only for subs. If he wants to do that he can.

2016-06-03 15:55:45

they don't let you pick and choose which vods go sub mode only?

2016-06-03 15:57:11

I'm all141 and I'm SO excited about this! Missed your last lit stream

2016-06-03 15:57:53

holy shit this is a game changer Kreygasm

2016-06-03 16:00:50

you're a genius

2016-06-03 16:05:49

I have renewed faith in my subscription

2016-06-03 16:06:51

Yessss I hope you can do this - I've been looking forward to your sponsor celebration stream but I'll be busy until 8 PDT tonight!

2016-06-03 16:13:29

I'm hoping I can pick and choose which to make sub only... Otherwise I gotta choose "all sub only" or "all public"

2016-06-03 16:18:22

Awesome, was bummed I missed the latest nuked vod, glad I don't have to worry bout that anymore hugsWedidit

2016-06-03 16:29:50

If you have to do "all sub only" you could upload all the others to YouTube or something, just a thought

2016-06-03 17:05:59

that is a sick perk, please take my 5 dollars

2016-06-03 17:06:57

nuke protection awwwww yea

2016-06-03 18:12:53

Hugo's stream is always dope

2016-06-03 18:13:51

Next week I will sub. You'll be the first person I sub to. Next will be

2016-06-03 18:13:53

first person to fave

2016-06-03 18:24:46

idk man, even if you kept certain VoDs for subs they would still be reuploaded..

2016-06-03 22:25:28

this is amazing if it works out

2016-06-03 23:08:14

aw man , this sucks , i dont have the money to sub :(

2016-06-03 23:14:35

sorry man I gotta give my subs more perks and people don't like VOD nukes, so this helps

2016-06-06 00:53:14

endorsing like a pro

2016-06-06 01:04:36

why did you link your own stream?

2016-06-06 01:08:02  fam

2016-06-06 01:13:18

braingear fraud confirmed

2016-06-06 01:14:12

lmfaoooo oh shit. My b

2016-06-06 17:08:55

he's going to play overwatch soon

2016-06-06 19:33:23

..... iight Keaton watch when i see you lmfaooo

2016-06-06 19:36:23


2016-06-06 20:12:21

why am I at work NotLikeThis

2016-06-06 20:39:57

it's okay you're a sub, you get the vods :)

2016-06-07 21:31:47

you got a list somewhere? i need to see this LOL

2016-06-07 21:45:25

the top jersey is gonna trigger you

2016-06-07 21:45:55

don't spoil it, I wanna be fully triggered

2016-06-07 21:46:14

watch the vod

2016-06-09 03:37:44


2016-06-09 08:39:27


2016-06-12 21:30:00

wait what?

2016-06-12 21:31:58

speaking about disadvantages to his streaming situation, so I'm gonna talk about it

2016-06-12 21:32:41

Uh oh, something tells me there's going to be some roasting being done

2016-06-12 21:33:19

As I said, I did exaggerate in the heat of the moment but it is plenty of stuff there

2016-06-12 21:33:58

Yup, so I'll try addressing it on stream

2016-06-12 21:35:10

Sounds good! Will check out the broadcast, have to go to bed. Advice for streaming in general would be appreciated =)

2016-06-12 23:14:12

but it's not even over yet

2016-06-12 23:17:35

smash n splash aint over doe?

2016-06-12 23:21:45

lol branding disadvantages

2016-06-13 01:43:33

IMO if you aren't already a super popular personality in the community, there's no chance of getting a big stream following going

2016-06-13 02:35:25

not true at all. I wasn't born the sickest streamer of all time

2016-06-13 02:49:03

well yes, but already having a fanbase as a top player/getting mango+vgbc raids definitely helped.there's too many big streamers now

2016-06-13 02:49:24

so smaller streamers or not-so-top players don't really have a chance at ever becoming big imo

2016-06-13 02:51:15

i don't think you have a full understanding of why hugo's stream became big. those weren't the reasons & why he's still big

2016-06-13 02:55:28

no I understand hugo's entertaining but I don't think you could ever get big thru just hard work if you aren't alrdy known

2016-06-13 02:58:32

like, are you gonna tell me random joeschmoe is gonna get viewers when S2J, Mango, SFAT, VGBC, and Hugo are all streaming?

2016-06-13 03:53:20

I understand the doubt, seeing a god stream randomly hitting 1000's of viewers made me think it wasn't possible to compete

2016-06-14 21:05:55

are you singing??

2016-06-16 00:25:26

banning kids tonight

2016-06-16 00:25:30

can't make it tonight to the last stream. Good luck though man. Always rooting for you to win.

2016-06-16 01:22:36

Guys please stop spamming. My pigeon, Baby spice, looked at my chat and got so dizzy because of the spam that he fell down and

2016-06-16 01:23:27

hit his noggin right on his food bowl! He couldn't squawk for hours. Please stop spamming, for Baby Spice.

2016-06-16 01:31:01 was you...

2016-06-20 17:17:41

is dis for real

2016-06-20 17:19:40

Just wondering, why did you make the VODs for subs only? Most streamers don't do that, it actually discourages me from subbing.

2016-06-20 17:20:29


2016-06-21 16:31:41

You're like a 24 year-old kid in a candy store in Chi-Town

2016-06-21 16:44:19

please tear that BS ranking apart

2016-06-21 17:46:02

what time?

2016-06-28 22:45:59

I eagerly await

2016-06-28 23:38:49

get that rest bro

2016-06-28 23:40:17

. blame it on the malnourishment from the peanuts & pretzels only diet.

2016-06-29 11:42:16


2016-06-29 17:25:21

can it be another roast stream

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