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Got any more of that warcrack?

2016-04-30 23:15:14

2016-05-01 00:06:49

would you play Legacy servers if Blizz opened them up, or are you all about that modern jazz?

2016-05-02 23:10:12

can I get an invite? - chaosbleeds91

2016-05-06 23:07:59

prove it

2016-05-06 23:18:09

we call the skull man with the two shotguns 'Patrick Casey' because he is edgy and has a public-masturbation trench coat

2016-05-31 16:34:11

lol good luck

2016-05-31 16:58:43

I mean, it's possible. I did it somehow. Not even a super impressive one, but still a thing

2016-05-31 20:18:05

it's all about that transcendence. Or just get a shit load of kills with discord.

2016-06-01 23:09:05


2016-06-05 11:08:18

Zen is my dude! I’ve got 16hrs + w/ him. I think masteroverwatch has me ranked 85 for PS4 players

2016-06-06 12:30:10

god dammit holtz i had to be asleep the one time you played dayz

2016-06-06 22:03:42

more loot videos pls

2016-06-09 02:38:29

oh hey mine too!!

2016-06-09 03:47:02


2016-06-09 08:38:45

your sleep schedule is best for Australia. Don't ever change!!!

2016-06-15 20:23:26

What's the best roll for the gun in your opinion?

2016-06-15 21:09:35


2016-06-19 04:54:30

old raid tour on YouTube?

2016-06-20 02:20:21

hand cannon state=the best state

2016-06-20 06:02:15

are you testing all the exotic hand cannons as well to see how the accuracy improved? Or just legendaries?

2016-06-20 06:08:23

just the archetypes and ranges.

2016-06-20 07:13:15

last time we saw hand cannons get an accuracy buff, with the help of Crimson doubles, Thorn resurged, and promptly got nerfed

2016-06-21 23:12:44

yo while you're at it, edit your sentence too

2016-06-22 00:51:09

yay holtz w da beers

2016-06-22 01:34:49

Pressed stream, saw your were offline, got angry, realized this was 2 hours ago =(

2016-06-22 01:39:26

I actually just went offline about 10 minutes ago :(

2016-06-22 01:40:33

Twitter and their damn showing me all this liked stuff I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU LIKED I wanna see stuff that's posted =(

2016-06-22 01:43:10

I know right?

2016-06-22 01:46:21

We should play overwatch sometime, been playing with Tomo's co workers and it's been really fun

2016-06-22 01:47:57


2016-06-22 01:48:21

Hells yeah! I got so many loot boxes on there I ain't going back! Unless Ian wants to play lol

2016-06-22 01:49:49

nice. im down for some games at some point.

2016-06-22 16:39:14

What are you giving away?

2016-06-22 19:03:07

pls tell me when it is exactly so I can tune in for just that and nothing else, thank you.

2016-06-24 02:03:32

Loot Box Lunacy?

2016-06-24 02:05:19

I can sleep, but I'll watch you instead.

2016-06-27 14:48:23

if you get a chance dude, Could you compare scope flinch on Hakke snipers to any other snipers?

2016-06-27 15:40:26


2016-06-30 00:03:27

virgin squad unite

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