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Trials Runs! || #BringingHomeBenjamin || Thank You For 1.3k Followers!!!

2016-05-01 19:59:52


2016-05-01 20:22:53

he's turning 2 today right? Time to start teaching how to destiny, but turn him into a sniper god, not a shotty warrior (kappa)

2016-05-01 20:23:49

yessir! Sniper reigns supreme! ;)

2016-05-28 00:18:17

RT this PLZ Let's celebrate together!

2016-05-28 00:22:51

#BringingHomeBenjamin #SupportSmallerStreams

2016-05-28 02:19:15

Mars with my telescope! G-d speed guardians!pic.twitter.com/UspoSoDUCe

2016-05-28 16:03:39

That's so cool!

2016-06-03 11:01:29

b-but the soccer game starts at 830!

2016-06-03 12:57:07

decisions decisions ;) announce mm won't come right away, will probably wait a little bit.

2016-06-17 12:59:12


2016-06-18 15:27:10

So that means we still have Destiny Kontrol Freeks, Overwatch, Turtle Beaches, and Xbox Elite controller...all TONIGHT 2/2

2016-06-18 22:32:05

hope your stream is going well

2016-06-18 23:36:34

sadly I can't participate. :( But hope you have fun. Your hype has been crazy. Congrats!

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