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2016-05-06 06:49:48

Thanks mate now download Battlefront ;) cu later

2016-05-06 06:51:52

It shall be done!!

2016-05-07 04:09:55

how awesome is bf1 going to be???. I haven't been this excited about a game in a very long time

2016-05-07 04:12:45

I can't wait!! It's exactly what the community wanted. I'm hyped!! Well there goes another 4 years of my life

2016-05-07 04:14:06

it will be 4 years well spent :). I just need to get that PC so we can wreck WW1 together.

2016-05-07 04:16:35

sounds good to me mate.. I'm going to stream the shit out of that game night and day :p #battlefield1

2016-05-07 04:20:20

I wouldn't expect anything less cheif. I expect to lose quite a significant amount of my life and happy to do so. #Battlefield1

2016-05-24 12:45:32

you know i am

2016-05-24 12:46:47

yeeah baby!

2016-06-24 13:29:30


2016-06-24 13:31:40

sweet sounds good to me bro

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