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FailFish With Pink!!

2016-05-06 20:01:00

it's the pony tail.

2016-06-06 21:02:13

:D awesome podcast!

2016-06-06 21:33:18

you sure like team ups, duck hunt duo, banjo kazooie, and Yooka-laylee

2016-06-06 22:46:19

I'm glad you liked it! :D

2016-06-06 22:47:16

Hah! It's so true! Wow.. I hadn't realized that until right now!

2016-06-06 22:53:32

by the way i got one of the two benchs done ill post the other one when i get it all

2016-06-07 09:21:59

So nice!! Amazing job!

2016-06-07 10:17:39

^-^ thanks

2016-06-20 21:41:17

had a blast, thanks for having me :)

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