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2016-05-06 21:17:07

Can't wait

2016-06-08 06:02:45

Dunno if u already played it, here's a key for Melissa K & the Heart of Gold B5N52-TNQT?-X6THP ?=3rd letter of ur hubby's name

2016-06-08 06:21:21

awesooooome!!! Activated it, THANKS!

2016-06-14 21:48:08

let us pray for gab to beat the nameless king under at least 4 hours

2016-06-15 08:00:53

I went to bed early so I missed the stream ;_; I'm sorry!

2016-06-15 08:01:37

There's always the VOD, Kelley. :)

2016-06-15 08:03:06

I know, and I will watch it, but it's not the same xD

2016-06-18 03:15:39

thanks for the host

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