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2016-05-07 09:11:10

We've got T-49 minutes 'til our 24 hour charity stream starts! is first up!  #roosterteeth

2016-05-07 10:29:49

30 minutes in, and we're $5 away from $100, and our first stretch goal! 

2016-05-07 11:17:36

With a single donation, we've hit both our first and second stretch goals! Raf's stretch goal is soonish...

2016-05-07 11:19:49

And will be playing Truth or Dare on stream during his 9 pm-1 am CT shift. You guys rock. <3

2016-05-07 13:51:30

ends his shift in <10 minutes, and starts hers! She'll be streaming for 4 hours. :) 

2016-05-07 14:54:54

We've hit $200 out of our $250 goal! That means we've hit 3 more stretch goals! 

2016-05-07 15:38:01

Join us now if you want to hear Maddy sing the Poke-rap Broadway style! 

2016-05-07 17:14:40

Maddy is streaming 'til 5 CT--~45 min! Then starts. Will we read My Immortal? 

2016-05-07 17:48:54

starts streaming in ~10 minutes! We're only $25 from our initial goal--& reading My Immortal on stream! 

2016-05-07 18:21:57

We hit $250!!! Feel free to keep donating. There'll be a My Immortal group read before 9 pm CT here: 

2016-05-07 20:49:33

Streamers will read from the infamous My Immortal fanfic at 8 CT! Come here for the shenanigans: 

2016-05-07 21:56:30

is done. Next in line, we have ! & we're still taking donations for the Nat'l Fibro Association! 

2016-05-07 22:11:53

If we get to $300, will cosplay for her stream shift! She starts in a little less than 4 hours. 

2016-05-07 22:41:11

If we get to $500, we will plan a separate stream to read the My Immortal fanfic. We're @ $280. 

2016-05-07 23:44:03

We're at $380! Derek is streaming #Pokemon. We're raising money for #fibroawareness. Join us. 

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