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Apocalypse World Table Top - Session 3 [lewd warning]

2016-04-30 19:55:51

When are we going to see you lewd it up in D&D Ziggy?

2016-05-24 02:51:45

i wanna watch :/

2016-05-24 02:57:32

whatever :/ i'll watch the vod after school :D

2016-06-01 11:55:26

chicken nugget stew, win win

2016-06-02 07:56:37

What's on the menu? Toast of Hate, The Gazpacho Unleashed, Redbeans, Oral Sacrifice, Broth's Reach?

2016-06-05 22:05:33

alright, see you there c:

2016-06-13 00:35:13

I'm only 12, will my parents approve of me watching this [lewd] stream

2016-06-13 02:05:12

I'll stop by in an hours time, good choice of build :D

2016-06-13 05:01:34

we tend to have a mature chat experience and the stream has a warning on entry. Occasional course language and mature themes

2016-06-15 05:44:35

can't watch but good luck with those dungeons and also the dragons :P

2016-06-28 03:27:26

hopefully, as much as the price and subscriptions are

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