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DRAMA CLUB HEROES: Live Script Reading of Failed Jurassic Park 4 Script! #GnSLive

2016-05-01 00:39:43


2016-05-01 00:39:49

sounds like my family! We have 3 Johns and a Johnny. All on my dad's side.

2016-05-01 00:40:10

I would love to see John Malkovich play "Everyone Is John" lol

2016-05-01 00:46:42

"I'm John and so is my wife" #ReallyItIsBrian

2016-05-01 00:55:25

ok I'm home from work you can start

2016-05-01 00:57:21

so sad I will miss it...

2016-05-01 00:57:58

Or! Hear me out! Finish the cliff hanger,the three of you,doing all the voices/rolls

2016-05-01 01:11:53

where did you fine gentlemen go?!

2016-05-01 02:51:05

Had to give a little something for your efforts! $1,000 well spent! #IsItThursdayYet?

2016-05-01 03:01:37

you are always such a gentleman and a scholar! Incredible generosity, friend! <3 <3 <3

2016-05-01 03:14:28

Thank you for those kind words! Glad to be a #Critter & support a great cause! #IsItThursdayYet

2016-05-01 10:10:04

Everyone is John was excellent. (You 4 should do a Don't Rest Your Head oneshot.)

2016-06-25 15:01:25

Of course. I already watched the 90's Trivia and I'll be watching when you take the stage.

2016-06-25 15:06:06

in which the zone?

2016-06-25 15:31:57

yep it's at midnight my time so nap is needed

2016-06-25 15:36:58

we are here already and waiting for you in anticipation. :)

2016-06-25 15:57:21

what time zone? Pacific?

2016-06-25 20:11:46

what's your band name?

2016-06-30 20:21:06

Worlds are colliding

2016-06-30 20:25:23

If you went on Critical Role, I think my head would be Cronenberged

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