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2016-05-07 15:17:56

i'm addressing a specific point you made, what's the main point i should be responding to?

2016-05-07 15:19:52

teams can literally only hold the same two hills because others spawn too close to one. Players don't have options.

2016-05-07 15:22:25

Not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying it is too hard to comeback from being down in hills / getting killed?

2016-05-07 15:27:06

in a domination style gametype, I believe teams should be allowed to hold any two hills, currently it'll be impossible

2016-05-07 15:28:00

as of now you'll only ever be able to hold A and which ever hill is closer to your spawn.

2016-05-07 15:29:44

There were times in the showcase where a team controlled B and C and forced the other team towards A off their spawn

2016-05-07 15:30:23

And they were forced to organize a push around the sides of the map + mid to take back either B or C

2016-05-07 15:31:20

Plus, it is best of 13, it's not like one setup of one round is game over.

2016-05-07 15:34:14

point is that no matter the round or where power weapons are, forced to fight middle hill because other is impossible

2016-05-07 15:35:59

Not at all... There is plenty of room for strategy, misdirection, etc to open up a push on their spawn/corner hill

2016-05-07 15:40:19

Spawn shield lasts much less on Esc than it does TDM. The bigger issue is smokes.

2016-05-07 15:40:54

If we can separate smokes & stuns into 2 different loadout options then the game will be more fluid.

2016-05-07 15:42:12

original point is that you should spawn near the hill you hold. That in itself will lead to the best gameplay.

2016-05-07 15:44:38

How? Then you have players potentially spawning into the middle of a fight for a hill. Increases defenders advantage

2016-05-07 15:47:10

They won't spawn in the hill, near it. Will have to run to fight just like they do for side hills.

2016-05-07 15:48:31

So what, if a team controls 2 hills they could be spawning in 4-6 different places, also potentially in a fight or

2016-05-07 15:49:09

behind a player that has worked their way to a good spot to setup for a break?

2016-05-07 15:50:57

?? Did you read my post? Other games have spawn blocking. If your team controls an area, other team can't spawn there.

2016-05-07 17:02:50

in esc you have to co-ordinate your spawns. If you push mindlessly you will likely get milled.

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