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Furry Weekend Atlanta Fen Cup

2016-05-07 10:18:22

What's the stream link for the tournament? :D

2016-05-07 10:30:34

Cool, thanks :3

2016-05-07 12:14:22

Will the stream be saved once it is finished? o:

2016-05-07 12:19:03

Don't forget to draw my name for all the prizes!

2016-05-07 12:29:42


2016-05-07 14:06:02

i can't see the stream :[

2016-05-07 14:06:30

Try the link in the Discord's promotion

2016-05-07 14:07:29

i clicked on it and it just says that the resolution isn't supported

2016-05-07 14:07:54

whats ur summoner name in it :V

2016-05-07 14:08:10

vulgar vulture

2016-05-07 14:09:38

kewl. wanna see your feed :3c

2016-05-07 14:09:57

I have no idea....

2016-05-07 14:11:16

last game i was 1/1 ;o;

2016-05-07 14:51:43

u played well! definitely for the situation and an unfortunate early invade and vs a full practiced team as 5 solos

2016-05-07 15:52:54

Helped A team secure their win too. So Both A and B are up in this tournament :)

2016-05-07 15:53:26


2016-05-07 16:03:51

rip can't watch, at work

2016-05-07 18:09:18

Yeah, and I don't play often either >u< but the cool part was it was a charity event so I'm not too butthurt

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