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Grubby - Heroes - Birthday! :D

2016-05-07 15:05:14

Now this, I can get behind!

2016-05-07 15:23:55

have been waiting for this. Now i cant watch it live. Have fun!

2016-05-25 17:34:06

Have a great stream, Grubby! Show us some of your famous Sgt. Hammer gameplay.

2016-05-25 19:27:12

rek US plz!!!

2016-05-26 13:03:08

are you ever coming back to SC2 ? You were awesome

2016-05-26 13:05:31

Thanks mate. Not a good chance anymore. I don't miss it too much, really. I miss competitive play but it's hard to go back.

2016-05-26 13:07:54

is it because of the koreans? Tournament regions are locked now so more chance for foreigners to win big tournys

2016-05-26 13:11:54

The system is more like 2012 WCS (which was my favorite), yeah. But it wasn't any one thing alone, a few things together.

2016-05-26 13:14:38

i know its hard game but why lose the passion? I know were a pro in wc3 before sc2 but still you had passion for both

2016-05-26 13:16:35

Correct. It was a combination of broods/swarmhosts, time of my life, want stream more, lack of consist. result, Protoss design

2016-05-26 13:36:18

yeah but no 1 uses swarmhosts ever since the nerf in hots and worse in legacy of the void. Protoss is the best race right now

2016-05-26 14:26:30

But my passion died before LotV came out. And now I can't find it anymore.

2016-05-28 13:26:51

Lyn is out of the army but I'll still pretend I like you

2016-05-29 17:12:18  If you prefer watching Tod's point of view then watch  .

2016-05-29 17:12:28

Old timers got this Kappa

2016-06-03 16:21:55

early 2v2 with ? ;)

2016-06-04 13:42:30

are you playing with ToD later?

2016-06-09 14:15:01

can I join? :D

2016-06-09 14:19:12

Can't view today, but wanted to say I love your stream. I love your constant positivity. Thanks!

2016-06-09 14:19:59

maybe some Butcher games? Please

2016-06-13 12:32:20

omg dat early stream <3 <3

2016-06-16 13:16:13

Starcraft 2 would be nice aswell :) Grubby comeback

2016-06-16 16:46:03

good luck!

2016-06-17 20:00:37

We <3 Grubby, too!

2016-06-18 16:57:05

It's soooo funny how it looks that you have health and mana during the stream! Weekend with wc3&Grubby=quality time!

2016-06-19 15:05:32

NO do Some SC2 for à change.

2016-06-19 17:01:56

уже год его смотрю :)

2016-06-20 13:52:32

dat timing dude :/ gonna turn in after finals! laters

2016-06-20 13:54:37

But #HGC ... :/

2016-06-21 14:25:07

WC3 maybe? xD

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