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Excuse the name lmao

2016-04-29 20:52:05

Hey, I can't seem to see the stream. Is it up?

2016-04-29 21:01:03

he bullshitting, no fades going up

2016-04-29 21:09:31

That shit is up bro, my nigga Fran is getting salty lol

2016-04-29 21:12:11

nope can't see shit smh

2016-04-29 21:12:32

Right here bro?

2016-04-29 21:14:21

go to Fran's tl and the one that says 1v1 Street fighter. that's gonna be the one.

2016-04-29 21:15:45

who was he?

2016-04-29 21:16:31

Fran? He was using Guile rn, now they gonna do another round. I seeing it rn bro, you sure it doesn't pop out?

2016-04-29 21:18:40

lmao Fran got hit with that work lol. I gotta get ready for work now tho

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