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[ENG / XB1] Going for Gold!

2016-04-30 22:39:32

I'm here

2016-04-30 22:41:58

srry can't play with y'all tonight I'm at a friend's house

2016-04-30 22:46:26

all good bro! have fun!

2016-04-30 22:46:43


2016-05-29 11:37:58

should try $5 bean boozled donations. Seems to work well for other streamers

2016-05-29 11:43:09

that's the jelly bean thing, right?

2016-05-29 11:44:20

yep...the one inspired by harry potter...can find them at spencers gift stores i think

2016-05-29 11:45:00

ewwww I don't like jelly beans to begin with........

2016-05-29 11:45:58

yah....but it's for charity!!! Heh and for other people to enjoy your suffering lol

2016-05-29 11:46:22

fair point...

2016-05-30 02:01:41

ty sweetie!!!!! Love your face!!

2016-06-26 22:56:10

strum sounds like a soup lol

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