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The average human dream lasts only 2 to 3 seconds. (resource reliability is questionable)

2016-05-03 15:41:34

jaaaaas you can adopt that little qt-pie FeelsGoodMan https://steamcommunity.com/app/413150/discussions/0/405694031551210628/ …

2016-06-09 17:31:43

tweeting with a title that says no stream today LUL

2016-06-14 13:34:32

if ur hands could fart they could hold noodles no matter how huge he is for a cat xD

2016-06-14 13:43:49

I don't even know what this means LUL

2016-06-14 13:45:32

newfag LUL

2016-06-23 16:39:36

steam sales -> gets money for it -> can't buy shit anyway -> never lucky BabyRage

2016-06-30 13:43:34

tfw ur still using twitchsharer

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